Sonia by Sonia Rykiel – Resort 2015

I’ve always knew that Sonia Rykiel is a French designer but somehow I could never linked her to the French fashion world. Maybe because she is famous for her knit designs or maybe because her name has very few francais in it. Sonia Rykiel, nee Flis, has a Russian – Romanian(!) origin. She was born in Paris, the eldest of five daughters of a Russian mother and a Romanian father (insert proudness here).

So here I am feeling quite a bit amazed that I never knew this interesting detail about the designer. If it wasn’t for the latest resort 2015 collection, I would probably never found out, as I was never a big fan, nor impressed by her team’s designs. But this time the designers behind Sonia Rykiel brand (she is no longer in the business, suffering from Parkinson for over 15 years), nailed it. I love the austere yet feminine aesthetic of the trench coats and dresses, the hues of blue, red, violet and pale pink, and that they still keep up the house signature: knits at their best. Urban Poetry has the Parisian-chic feeling, just right for the city girl.

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  • June 4, 2014

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