Electric Feathers

I feel perfect joy when I discover new indie (indie comes from independent, in case you were wondering) fashion designers and at the same time I question my abilities to dig up “things” on the mighty internet, because Electric Feathers is not a brand that I can call new on the market, Leana Zuniga, the designer behind it, has already created 3 collections. I browsed through their campaigns and I am madly in love with all their pieces…I’d wear them day-in day-out. The clothes flow free on the body with an out-of-this-fashion-world easiness and mixed up with a gorgeous nomadic touch. Almost make me scream: give me some Electric Feathers clothes and a camel and I can conquer the world!

As for their latest rad collection, Fall 2014, Zuniga was inspired by Yohji Yamamoto circa-1980s and dancer Isadora Duncan. Again, I need to add that there’s a certain bold softness in these clothes as well as in the beautiful moving-like pictures. I would really like to see something similar also in Romania, we clearly have an Eastern-world legacy that could be translated into nice design. I would wear it, can someone help here?! 🙂

All images thanks to Style.com.







  • April 25, 2014

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